What we Do:

TOPS provides gas and steam turbine overhaul services. These services include:
  1. Turn-Key Overhauls on Gas and Steam Turbines, Generators and associated equipment
  2. Engineering/Project Management
  3. Millwright Provision
  4. Bucket and Blade Removal/Installation
  5. Capital Component Repair Oversight`
  6. Boroscope Inspections
  7. Consulting
Turbine Experience:

 GE Gas Turbine
 SW Gas Turbine
 Steam Turbine
 7FA  501 F, FD, FC  GE (D11, A10,)
 7EA, E  501 D5, D5A  Westinghouse
 7C, 7H  501 A, AA, C  Toshiba
 Fr6  501 G  Alstom
 Fr5  251, 191  ABB

Whom we Serve:

TOPS goal is to provide the best turbine maintenance and outage services nationwide. Whether you are an Independent Power Producer, Municipality, Electric Co-Op, Refinery, or Chemical Plant, TOPS is ready to work for you.

Total Turbine Maintenance:

TOPS has the experience and knowledge to assist our customers in capitol parts repair and purchase. We will use our expertise to lower your capitol repair cost while increasing quality and reliability. TOPS people have the experience and contacts to channel the right parts to the right repair facilities. Component repair facilities have their areas of expertise. In order to maximize results a combination of repair facilities will enhance the quality of your capital parts package. TOPS will manage a partnership between the Customer, Field Service, and Repair Facilities to produce a low cost and TOP quality turbine overhaul.

TOPS provides millwrights, foremen, and supervision belonging to the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Millwrights.

UBC Millwrights guarantee:
  1. Trained, qualified professionals
  2. Apprenticeship and journeymen training
  3. Access to supervisory training
  4. A work force when and where you need it
  5. 24-hour service
  6. Promoting a safe work force and job site
  7. A partnership based on service and trust
  8. Tailored contracts
  9. Market-trained craftsmen to meet specialty needs
  10. A work force that helps meet project deadlines within budget
*Source: http://www.ubcmillwrights.org/ubcm_cbor.shtml

To find out more about the UBC Millwrights visit, http://www.ubcmillwrights.org

If you would like to use the best Unionized Labor available, contacts Tops Field Services, LLC at:

PO Box 471, Huffman, TX 77336-0471

832-452-5346 (Toby Wooster)

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